Biothane All Weather Leash - Pick your color - 5/8 wide
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An everyday leash made with Biothane webbing, hand riveted in 4 foot.. Leash also has an o-ring so that you can wear the leash while your dog is playing, or attached keys or bags to it - so many options! This leash is 5/8 wide and made using standard weight beta biothane webbing

Biothane is an all weather leather alternative option, does not absorb orders, and has a good hand feel. When the leash gets dirty, just rinse off in the sink.

Please view leash snap choices, standard will come with a nickel plated steel snap hook. Upgrades are available for brass, heavy weight brass, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommend around salt water (but please rinse after exposure). Brass upgrades will utilize brass rivets and rings, stainless steel will utilize stainless rivets and rings.

NOTE: No leash is indestructible, please check your dog's leash frequently for wear and tear and replace when necessary. After purchase, the use of this leash is the customer's sole responsibility
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